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Cluj AI Community Event – October 11th

As promised, we are launching our first event aimed at expanding our global community of start-ups, academic and corporate partners, this time in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The AI community event is free to join for all those interested. It is hosted in the Betfair Romania Development Cluj office on October 11th.

AI community event

The spotlight is on Artificial Intelligence; a set of technologies that are changing the world at a fast pace in ways that we are just beginning to understand. AI is of significant interest to Flutter, and it has a lot of potential for the sports betting and gaming industry. Through our panel of discussion, we want to get closer to understanding the opportunities and challenges in the field, so that we can accelerate our adoption of AI where we see the most benefits. Also, we want to connect with start-ups, academics, research communities and potential corporate partners to see opportunities for partnership.

The event is addressed to start-ups, other companies interested in the evolution of AI, investors and developers. It will also include a presentation of Flutter’s Alpha Hub innovation platform and an opportunity to network at the end.

We are honored by the presence of very special guests, experienced researchers and practitioners in the field of AI. In their own words:

Paul BRIE –  CEO at teleportHW, President of Spherick Accelerator

The founder and CEO of teleportHQ, an AI-powered code-generation platform, and co-founder of the JSHeroes community and JSHeroes international Conference. Paul has spent the past 25 years in the digital industry as a coder, manager, investor, and partner for various European start-ups and corporate innovation initiatives. The main focus of his work is to design comprehensive innovation strategies and to implement them into the core activities of private and public actors. As President of Spherik Accelerator, he is actively involved in the development of the local and regional entrepreneurship ecosystem. His role in the accelerator is to lead think-and-do programs, to create innovation process transfer opportunities, to build strategic private and public partnerships, and to support the creation of public policies that leverage the potential of deep and social technologies.

Răzvan FLORIAN – Director of the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology (RIST)

Răzvan Florian is leading one of the research groups of the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology, a non-governmental research institute that he founded as a more agile alternative to public research organizations. He is the author of several learning rules for spiking neural networks. The essential components of one of these rules, which has been developed through mathematical derivations and computer simulations, have been later found by neuroscientists in the brain. Components of this learning rule were implemented in hardware in the Loihi neuromorphic chip developed by Intel, allowing it to learn from rewards and punishments. Răzvan has also founded two companies, Arxia and Epistemio. He is now working on deep-learning-based approaches to automated web development and curiosity-driven learning.

 Adrian GROZA – Associate Professor at Intelligent Systems Group, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Adrian Groza is an associate professor at Intelligent Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca). His current work involves research on logic and knowledge representation. More recently, his research has focused on: applying argumentation for conflict resolution in ensemble learning; the distinction between argument and explanation in dialogue; analyzing arguments conveyed by people in public arena regarding climate change. Previous research interests included the areas of non-monotonic logic, legal reasoning, safety assurance of software systems by means of argumentation, description logic, and their applications in artificial intelligence.

 Anca LAZĂR – Data Engineer at Paddypower Betfair

Anca has 6 years of experience as a Software Engineer, of which the last 6 months have been in Betfair Romania Development as Data Engineer. In her career, she’s gathered experience in working with several Databases, orchestration tools, AWS services (Redshift, S3, SageMaker, CloudWatch), mainly for data processing, processes orchestration and productionizing ML models.

 Sorin CIRCO – Senior Data Engineer at Paddypower Betfair

As Senior Data Engineer in Betfair Romania Development for a little over a year, Sorin’s working with Oracle, ETL’s (Talend), orchestration tools, AWS services (Redshift, Aurora(POD), S3, Amazon Sagemaker, Cloudwatch), mainly on data processing (for general & ML specific use), but also on implementing ML custom model. Before Betfair, he has gathered experience on Oracle DB, system & data architectures for integrated software, in industrial/constructions process monitoring, accounting & financial sectors.

 Mircea VĂDAN – Start-up Community Guest, Managing Partner at Activize

Mircea is managing partner at Activize, company with focus on product management consultancy for corporates, startups and accelerator programmes. He is working with products/startups teams on various topics such as idea validation, product shaping, product metrics, go-to-market strategy, business development and investments. Besides his work, he volunteers in startup communities and events like Cluj Startups, Startup Weekend Cluj, FreshBlood.Health, Fintech Camp and Cluj.AI.

 Ioana MARCHIȘ – Host, Technical Strategy Analyst at Flutter

Ioana is a Strategy Analyst in the Emerging Technologies team at Flutter, with 10 years’ experience in software development. She investigates technology trends and their application at Flutter, makes recommendations based on research and support innovation initiatives, such as the Alpha Hub platform.

If you have any questions about the event or the work Alpha Hub is doing with startups, don’t hesitate to get in touch or click here to register. 

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