It’s not just another acceleration programme. It’s Alpha Hub

Technology has been around us for many years, yet there has never been such an avid, global growth in any other industry in the past few years as in the IT & C sector. Besides arguments and statistics, some facts are here to stay: it’s fast, it’s highly adaptable, and it’s for everyone. Basically, it disrupts the world as we know it—how we do things, how we think, how we are.


Some of us have already seized the endless opportunities that this sector has to offer. For those who have decided to take action, there are various gateways to success. One of them is Alpha Hub.


The Alpha Hub program is the result of several years of fruitful partnerships. Firstly, turning Startup Avalanche into a benchmark for the Cluj startup scene has secured the collaboration between Techsylvania and Risky Business. The relentless support that Paddy Power Betfair has offered to most of the major initiatives in the local community, as well as its 15 years of experience in private investments have turned the company into a catalyst. It’s hard to find the perfect mix; yet, when you nurture a fertile community with experience, courage, and openness, it’s hard to miss.


There are many acceleration programs in Romania and abroad, as well as other forms of scaling platforms. But more than offering tools and benefits, Alpha Hub was born out of a powerful mission.  


“Responsible Gambling has always been very important to us at Paddy Power Betfair. Alpha Hub will help us find innovative new ways to identify and protect our at-risk customers, and it’s a great opportunity for us to get closer to the growing Romanian tech and startup ecosystem. We’re looking forward to partnering with startups that can help us solve real business challenges.”


It’s not just a business partnership. It’s the key to a healthy global scale-up.

You can choose to go through endless trial & error processes, or you can choose a corporate partnership programme that facilitates your access to all the key components of a global scale-up roadmap for your startup:

  • Partnership–Alpha Hub provides direct access to decision makers and a streamlined partnership process. You can focus on building your startup instead of endless pitching and meetings.
  • Funding–successful startups can receive equity-free financing to run a pilot and grow.
  • Education—our mentors are here to advise you on high-tech, product, strategy, and business, as well as issues related to pitching, funding, and investment strategy.  
  • Network—we offer access to exclusive, relevant events that serve as meeting points startups and their future corporate partners.
  • Scale-up—you make your own recipe for success. We help you stick to it.


Having access to in-depth expertise and leveraged business relationships saves time, money and fails.

The IT & C industry in the USA is considered one of the topmost failure-prone industries in the country, with a 63% failure rate. The same study suggests that two of the most common traits of the startups that fail are “lack of experience in the line of goods” and overall little experience in taking decisions in hiring, scaling and building a culture, rating the access to mentorship as one of the four critical traits of startups that succeed. But what if there was a better way to do it?


We change the way we give. You change the world.

We believe that at the end of the day, it’s not just about what you know and what you do. In most cases, that vital force of pushing things forward is irreplaceable. We help you scale-up by leading your way through growth and funding, allowing you to give the most of your time with us at Alpha Hub.


Are you curious to know more about our Alpha Hub programme? Check our FAQ, or drop us a line at; our colleagues will get in touch with you shortly.


Apply for Alpha Hub until November 6th by filling out our form available here:  

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