Changing the world? We would love to meet you!

We are looking to support:

High social or environmental impact startups

Any stage of solution with a clear plan to scale 

Companies located globally

£10K in grants and mentoring for winning Startups

Changing the world? We would love to meet you!

As a company powered by technology, we are combing our love for technology, passion for innovation and our dedication to supporting our communities to create our first Tech4Good Award.

We are seeking entrepreneurs and start-ups committed to improving society and helping to make a difference through cutting edge technology solutions. If this sounds like you, read on!


About The Award:

In 2023 Flutter will be bringing the innovative capabilities of Alpha Hub together with our commitment to Do More in the community and creating our first award dedicated to helping Tech For Social Good start ups.

We have a specific interest in solutions that:

  • Provide clear and measurable metrics to demonstrate impact on society and improving the lives of those involved
  • Uses cutting edge technology solutions
  • Have the potential to scale
  • Can demonstrate societal need
  • Address issues of inequality

This award seeks applications from start-ups and entrepreneurs at all stages of development and from all over the world who are aiming to use innovative tech solutions to address pressing social or environmental issues. 


Who is the Tech4Good Award for?

Start-ups using technology as a central component to its solution for a social or environmental issue. We are especially keen to receive applications for start-ups addressing issues around:

  • Increasing access and participation to sport particularly to unrepresented or impoverished communities
  • Improving the Health & well-being of individuals and communities around the world across physical, mental and economic wellbeing
  • Sustainability and solutions to address pressing environmental issues
  • Improving access to and addressing issues of tech illiteracy in hard-to-reach communities

This is a global award so the start-up can be based anywhere in the world or support communities anywhere in the world.


Other key considerations:

We are particularly keen to boost diversity into the tech sector and address issues of inequality. We would encourage applications from under-represented founders / leaders. We are willing to consider start-ups of any size and at any stage in their journey – from start up to scale up.


What is the Award?

  • There are up to three £10,000 grants available
  • Participation in a demo day to showcase your start-up to an audience of investors, technology experts and leaders from across Flutter
  • Access to workshops, masterclasses and networking that support your growth and long-term success
  • Access to Alpha Hub Startup Support


About Flutter: 

Flutter are the global sports betting, gaming and entertainment provider for over 18 million customers worldwide. We operate some of the world’s most innovative, diverse and distinctive brands, and do so in a way which is responsible and in tune with our customer’s needs.

As a company driven by technology, we understand the power that the latest innovations can have on our long-term success. We believe that if we apply the same investment and support to startups using technology for social purpose, we can help provide solutions for social and environmental challenges faced by communities around the world.

About our Positive Impact Plan:

The Positive Impact Plan is our global sustainability strategy that is focused on leveraging our global scale to create maximum impact and contribute positively to our customers, colleagues, and the communities in which we operate.

The Positive Impact Plan identifies four main focus areas: Helping customers to Play Well; Empowering colleagues to Work Better, Working with Communities to Do More and reducing our environmental impact.

About Alpha Hub:

Alpha Hub is part of Flutter Entertainment plc - the world’s leading online sports betting and gaming company, operating some of the most innovative, diverse and distinctive brands in the sector. As Flutter’s corporate accelerator, Alpha Hub helps brands within the Flutter portfolio partner with innovative start-ups to quickly solve various problems and challenges.


Privacy Notice:

By applying, you hereby consent to the use of the information provided by you hereunder to be used to verify your identity as well as to conduct due diligence investigations and background checks as may be required by Flutter International, its subsidiaries and agents. Any use of the information provided shall be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You certify that the statements contained herein are true and correct and contain a full and complete explanation of the information requested.

 Judging Criteria
Judges will be making their assessment based on the following key criteria:
1.     Social/Environmental Need: have you clearly made the case that the solution you are proposing will make a meaningful difference to the social / environmental need? What evidence do you have and what research have you conducted?

2.     Technological Expertise: What is your tech solution and how have you tested it? How does your solution help meet the need of the issue you are addressing?

3.     Your credentials: The experience and expertise of the team implementing the tech solution

4.     Measurement & Evaluation: How are you measuring the effectiveness of your solution and tracking the impact (real-time and potential) of it? Flutter is actively tracking the number of lives improved as a result of it’s support for the community. We are keen to assess this as part of our evaluation of finalists for this award.

5.     Innovation: How innovative is your solution and how crowded is the market with other potential businesses / solutions also seeking to have an impact in the same/similar way?

6.     Growth & Scale: What is the long-term potential for growth?

7.     Added value: what are the opportunities for Flutter to add value to your start-up, how can our colleagues engage to support your growth and scale? How does it align to our values across community, diversity, and innovations in technology?


What's in it for the startup?

As well as a grant for £10K, successful companies will receive the following support from Alpha Hub and Go Beyond teams.

Opportunity to Showcase

Opportunity to shine and demonstrate what you can do infront of Flutter leadership as well as the wider startup community.

Networking & Feedback

All the experts will be in the room and there do discuss your company. It is a chance to bounce ideas around in an informal setting.

Startup Support

Should your startup be looking for support, check out what help Alpha Hub can offer.


Stage 1 - Applications

When an application is submitted, it is thoroughly reviewed by the Alpha Hub team. Applications are open between the 12th June and 18th August.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stage 2 - 1-2-1 call with experts

Shortlisted startups will be invited for an initial 30minute conversation with the Alpha Hub team and judging panel over zoom. The purpose of this meeting is to learn about your project in more detail.

Calls will occur between the 6th and 8th September.

Stage 3 - Final

Finalists will be notified the week beginning 25th September and invited to the Final which will take place on the 2nd November in Dublin.

Finalists will have access to workshops as well as demo and networking opportunities. There will be an event in the evening with the local tech community where finalists will present to the judges. The winners of the award will be announced at the end of the evening.