SBG Startup Spotlight – 7th July 2022

Massive thank you to everyone that attended the SBG Startup Spotlight event at the Flutter Leeds office, it was great to see you all there!

We had seven exciting local companies come in and showcase their technology to inspire our thinking and help us imagine the ‘art of the possible’.

  • EndPoint (Sheffield) – One of the UK’s top esports teams and 9-time ESL Premiership title winners
  • Chose2 (Manchester) – AR/AI technology firm developing Face Swap technology to enhance customer engagement online
  • IdVu – Data on Demand (Leeds) – Big data analytics providing unmatched (and GDPR compliant) insight for customer affordability checks
  • Dubit (Leeds) – World leading gaming and metaverse studio
  • PixelMax (Manchester) – Digital twin and data visualisation in augmented reality.
  • RapidSpike (Leeds)- Digital experience monitoring platform
  • vbuzz (London) – Developing 3D spaces in the metaverse

Contact us here if you would like to be notified of future events and opportunities.

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