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Mindway AI’s Gambling Addiction Education

Happy to share the initiative of Mindway AI for gambling addiction education based on neuroscience. Mindway AI is the winning start-up of Alpha Hub 2018.

They have launched a series of 3 webinars, taking a look behind the scenes at the research that is the foundation of their solutions.

Addiction in gambling: how can neuroscience and AI help?” is the first webinar in a series of three webinars on neuroscience, problem gambling, and artificial intelligence. The webinar gives insight into what happens inside the brain during healthy and problem gambling. Applying neuroscience to understand addiction at the brain level and embracing the root cause opens up new ways of detecting and preventing problem gambling, and artificial intelligence makes it possible to apply these insights at scale.

You can watch all 3 of them in the Webinar’s section on Mindway AI’s website. The other 2 topics are:

Keeping Gamblers safe: Harnessing the Benefits of Neuroplasticity

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