The 1st Batch of Startups Is Here: Meet the Alphas

We were delighted by the high number of great applications we received to our first edition of  Alpha Hub program. Seeing such high interest in innovating Responsible Gambling was an affirmation of the mission, goals, and need of the program. With more than 200 applications from 50 countries for just 6 spots, the selection process was intense and challenging. After 50 interviews, we were having a very hard time narrowing it down to just 6. So, instead, we decided to go with “lucky 7!” 🎰

The startups applying ranged from idea stage, to having a finished product, customers, and in some cases millions of euros in investments. Some of them had teams amazingly experienced and knowledgeable about the gambling industry, while others had advanced technology and products. Besides considering how their technology/product fits into Responsible Gambling, we considered a number of other factors including:

  • How can they benefit from our program?
  • Are they flexible enough to expand their skills?
  • Can our mentors’ input have a considerable impact on their evolution?
  • Does a long-term collaboration with Paddy Power Betfair make sense for them at the current stage of their startup and in the near future?


Those who represent the perfect mix between a great team, an interesting business model and a scalable product/ technology that made it into the inaugural Alpha Hub cohort are:



📍 Location: Cluj-Napoca

Halcyon uses a Deep Learning Engine for user behavior prediction and behavior-based user segmentation.



📍 Location: Denmark, Aarhus

With onset in neuroscience and clinical psychology, Mindway uses artificial intelligence which relies on human expert evaluations to identify early signs of developing risky behavior and based on a type of problematic behavior generates targeted and individualized conversation guides that can be used in reaching out to customers either online or by an operator’s help-line staff.



📍 Location: The team is in Turkey but the company is incorporated in USA.

Rakam helps companies to collect all their customer data in one place and try to understand their behavior easily.


  • Pamble


📍 Location: Cluj Napoca

Pamble is a responsible gambling companion mobile application. Their motto is: “Responsible gamblers are the happiest gamblers.”



📍 Location: London and Athens

Vaix wants to prove their conviction, that Deep Learning is outperforming rules-based & predictive analytics systems in predicting players with problematic behavior, inaccuracy & false positives. And that it runs & learns 24×7, without requiring “Add Staff’.


  • iScore


📍 Location: Cluj Napoca

iScore is an adaptive, real-time score app that is using machine learning fraud detection algorithms to detect subtle, global behavioral, context, and attribute patterns from devices, transactions, and accounts, to continuously protect businesses from new fraud trends.   

iScore scans identity documents like national IDs, driver’s licenses and passports to verify that the identity document is real. Can validate that the information on the identity document as well. This can help prevent fraudsters from using a stolen identity to enter a gaming environment. It can also prevent minors from sneaking into an online gambling environment.



📍 Location: Oradea

ContactShield is a startup dedicated to helping professionals all around the world manage contacts fast and safe.


Learning and growth are not an overnight process and require commitment and patience. Teams making the cut fit distinguished themselves with dedication, commitment, a great fit with the program goals and Responsible Gambling verticals. While there were many great teams we would have loved to work with, creating value in an acceleration program requires a balance between a large enough group to stimulate connections and energy, and a small enough group to give sufficient attention and support to each team. Teams that didn’t make the cut this year–don’t lose heart! We hope you’ll stay tuned for the next edition of Alpha Hub!


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