The Alpha Hub Rewards for Daring Startups

Building a successful startup requires hard work. If you go behind the scenes of this industry, you’ll realize that a startup’s growth is organic and it doesn’t come overnight. There’s a gap between coming up with a great idea and executing it successfully and it must be filled with tested frameworks, financial support, and valuable business connections.

For most entrepreneurs, expectations and reality don’t always match, and this is a frequently met reason for their business’s failure. What they really need is a professional perspective of where the market currently is, for the following steps and investments not to develop into premature ones.

“While some entrepreneurs occasionally switch industries and find success, venture capitalists are more inclined to fund a founder or team who has worked in a specific industry for years,” explains Promod Haque, senior managing partner at Norwest Venture Partners, a venture capital and growth equity investment firm. “Founders with deep domain expertise in a particular field are typically more aware of customer needs, market opportunity, and the competitive landscape, which makes them more credible to investors.”

At Alpha Hub, we believe that startup success is built upon knowledge and network. When you partner with and learn from the right people, you’re already one step ahead in this competitive industry. For the 6 teams selected to participate in Alpha Hub out of more than 200 applications, network, knowledge, and potential partners are some of the rewards awaiting.

This being said, there are more prizes in store that will help propel successful startups even further:

🚀 Equity-free financial support and other resources in order to a complete proof-of-concept with Paddy Power Betfair.

Since every startup is different, these prizes will be individualized based on startup needs and potential.


And the Alpha startup of the program will get:

🚀 A specially organized roadshow to Dublin, Ireland, a hotbed of global multinationals and investors–awaits the top team. You’ll show off your startup to Paddy Power Betfair executives, as well as investors and tech leaders from the ecosystem. But, of course, no trip to Dublin is complete without stops at the Guinness Brewery and Grafton Street!


All the expenses will be covered by Alpha Hub.


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